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Plunge! can work with your organization as a stand-alone performance or in residency with workshops that use music and theater to jump-start areas of discussion and productive, progressive work. Within a higher education institution, we partner with instructors across disciplines to offer seminars, master classes, and interactive workshops. Within community service organizations, we work with both staff and clients either as part of the normal programming or in retreat and support group settings. Each Plunge! Cabaret production has different areas of focus and thus, different possible connections.

Our comprehensive program seeks to involve both higher education and community services organizations. Working through the lens of music and theater, we can broaden already existing college-community associations and bring students and clients together in a unique setting. We are also willing to help find and forge new relationships. We can be involved in making a good match between organizations and incorporating the people from each place that wish to participate. We will, of course, ensure that privacy concerns are addressed and the best possible working environment is created.

A typical 3-day residency might include a class seminar and music-theater master class at the college/university, a staff workshop and a client group meeting at the community service organization, and a performance to wrap up the stay that everyone is invited to attend as well as the general public.

If you are interested in our comprehensive program, there are several ways to put all the components together. The most important things to remember are these: there is tremendous flexibility and we’re ready to help make it work.

We think that the combination of these elements
– higher education, community service and cabaret theater –
benefits all involved.

For higher education institutions, a partnership with a community service organization will:

• Support community and service learning initiatives.
• Enhance reputation and stake in the community.
• Offer opportunities to students that are rich in both learning and experience.

For community service organizations, a partnership with a higher education institution will:

• Expand presence in the community and knowledge of your organization’s

• Increase potential resources and opportunities for the organization’s clients.
• Broaden the network of potential volunteers and outreach to clients in need.

The Story
The Concept History